3 room appartment in Vela Luka, Island Korcula, Dalmatia, Croatia

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Herr Rolf Spiess
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3 room appartment in Vela Luka, Island Korcula, Dalmatia, Croatia
Haus in 20270 Vela Luka
Makler nd07031871237, Objektkennung IF87298

Kaufpreis 290.000,00 €
Zimmer 3,0
Wohnfläche 120,00m²

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Vela Luka is located on the western side of the island of Korcula at the bottom of a sharply cut and wide bay indented by many coves. The surrounding slopes descend slowly to the sea and are covered with vineyards, olive trees, fig trees and pine. Scattered like pearls in the bay of Vela Luka, the small islands of Proizd and O?jak celebrated in songs are popular tourist excursion destinations with their virgin oases, clear sea, thick pine woods and occasional sea caves. With an average of over 2500 hours of sunny weather annually, Vela Luka is second largest in size place on the Adriatic islands, a safe anchorange and port for luxury and leisure sportcraft. Vela Luka with its typical Mediterranean surroundings is an ideal place to have a relaxing vacation.


Big Terrace Big Garage (16m2) 3 Parkings

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